John Cornyn, I'm a voter, and I'm your boss. We voters called your office and asked you not to push forward on funding Obamacare, but instead of fighting with everything you have, you ignored Texans and Americans and did nothing.

Americans are getting notices from their insurance carrier that the plan of their choice is ending because of Obamacare, but you don't care. You don't care because you're exempt, like the rest of Congress, from this awful law.

You didn't stand by Texans. You stood by Mitch McConnell and opposed our senator, Ted Cruz, in his efforts to defund Obamacare. You stabbed my family in the back. You stabbed Texas in the back. You ought to be ashamed.

Obama's laughing at you, John Cornyn, because you're doing nothing to prevent Americans from going broke under Obamacare, such as this family, who received a letter from their carrier.

It had stunning news. Insurance for the Mangiones and their two boys,which they bought on the individual market, was going to almost triple in 2014 - from $333 a month to $965.

The insurance carrier made it clear the increase was in order to be compliant with the new health care law.

"This isn't a Cadillac plan, this isn't even a silver plan," Mangione said, referring to higher levels of coverage under ObamaCare.

John Cornyn, because of your inability to fight for us, here's your pink slip:


And every other politician who ignores me and the rest of the people will be fired as well. I'm your boss, and frankly, I've had enough of you.

Signed by your boss,